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Straight Talk for Smart Business Women

Aug 9, 2018

From dreams of being an astronaut to intellectual bad ass to entrepreneur to wise women, Laura Steward is a sought after business strategist, keynote speaker, radio host and author. After building and selling her highly successful multi-state technology services company she started Wisdom Learned, LLC, a company dedicated to educating leaders based on experience and wisdom learned in the trenches.

Listen in to her three business lessons:

  1. If you are even thinking of letting someone go, you need to let them go.
  2. Take clients, vendors and staff and rank them in the A, B, C, D process.
  3. Stop asking questions to get the answers you want.  Ask questions to get the answers you need.

Laura has generously offered a chapter from her book, a special work book and a free 30 min consultation to the listeners.  Visit