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Straight Talk for Smart Business Women

Sep 6, 2018

Kateri believes in women's equality, more importantly she will embolden women's equity, and she will not cease until all data sets can prove it - that's how the MAIA.Community was born.

She sees unlimited opportunities, but has a knack for spotting incongruencies. She loves listening and connecting people and ideas that just make sense. She cares deeply for children, good food, good health, good families, strong communities, and Mother Earth.

Kateri worked in a corporate environment for 20 years. In her leadership roles she had P&L ownership up to $42M with multiple operating units across domestic geographies. She adopted Lean principles to a service industry long before it was cool, just because it made sense. She had the privilege of working with some pretty awesome people along the way.

Hear her business lessons:

  • Push the status quo to build your business in your way
  • Find your tribe to keep your energy and passion alive

Join the to find a robust resource of women owned businesses and to have your business listed in the community.  Don't forget the Pick Your Price for Life option!