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Straight Talk for Smart Business Women

Apr 13, 2017

Angie Weber, the co-founder of Hello Life, is on a mission to help women feel confident and embrace their beauty.  As a mama of twins, she understands how crazy life can get.  She is passionate about bringing an easy to use and natural option for women to boost their confidence, whether it is putting on a little foundation or getting ready for a night out on the town.  Angie's heart is also lead to helping spread awareness and research for mental health issues.  Hello Life is excited to be donating $1 of each product sold to the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Healthcare.  

To check out Hello Life products, go to  Angie has generously offered a special coupon code of 20% off for listeners of this podcast.  Code is smartwomen  (all lower case).


Show notes:

  • The entrepreneur bug bit and it bit hard!
  • From intrapreneur to entrepreneur.
  • I knew I was ready when I could tolerate the risks involved.
  • I was more afraid of looking back and regretting what I had not done.
  • Now we have this product, what do we do?
  • Have to have a bigger "why" behind your business to get through the challenges.
  • The reason behind my business is that it supports mental health issues by giving back.
  • Delegate!
  • You can learn the pieces you need and then delegate.
  • There is someone out there who actually loves doing the pieces you don't.
  • What is your time and stress worth?  DELEGATE!
  • What could you be doing with your extra time if you delegated?
  • List all the things you do everyday and what you want to do.  NOW DELEGATE!
  • Keep your money straight.
  • Many business owners don't pay themselves first.  MISTAKE!
  • Set up your accounting system to ensure you are managing your money effectively.
  • Have your support system in place.
  • Being an entrepreneur is exciting like a roller coaster - up and down.
  • Have entrepreneur accountability partners to help you move through the tough days and celebrate the good ones.